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Daily Routine seri; Leader's daily routine skin care

Fernian daily routine seri

Inspired by busy lifestyle of modern women, Fernian's Daily routine seri products have been designed to cover their skin care needs in their everyday life.

Now, every day is a journey for working women to walk step by step with Fernian:

Step 1. Lift & Rejuven cream; a great way to start a day

Each day starts with lifting and moisturizing antiaging cream that is rich of Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, Peptides and other moisturizing-antiaging actives.

Step 2. Lift & Rejuven Eye contour gel; true to its name: Everything you need to lift and rejuvenate your eye contour

It also has vibrating massage head which provides deeper penetration.

Step 3. Q10 DD cream spf 30; non-tinted daily defense cream (proper age: +35)

A real ALL-IN skin care product. It provides an anti-oxidant barrier to prevent skin from losing its moist while equalizing and brightening skin tone, in addition to refining fine lines and giving antiaging effect. Furthermore it provides UVA/UVB protection.

Step 3. Q10 FF cream spf 30; tinted final finish cream (proper age: +20)

Q10 FF cream is tinted and more moisturizing version of Q10 DD cream so the choice is yours on your 3rd step.

Step 4. Q10 BB Concealer; and you're ready to go out

After applying either Q10 DD or Q10 FF, you're going to need same protection for your eye contour. Q10 BB Concealer is a tinted moisturizing anti-oxidant antiaging eye contour cream.

Step 5. 2 in 1 Resurfacing set; refresh to a brighter vivid look

Now that you're home again your skin need refreshing vitamin C serum care and a deep hydration with Hydrasooth gel, together.

Step 6. Pepto-Hyaluronic Filler; Fade wrinkles, Reveal your shine

Your skin is ready to receive deeper care after 2 in 1 set, let's refine fine lines and wrinkles with peptides, Hyaluronic acid, Collagen and more anti-wrinkle effective actives.

Step 7. Retinol Rejuvenate cream; A revolutionary antiaging care

It was a long day for our leader. Your skin needs the most potent and rich antiaging care during your sleep. Something like a Retinol containing cream to boost skin rejuvenation and help with turn over to make your skin ready for a bright new day.

Want to learn more about each Fernian daily routine product? click here to view the list


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